Busine$$ Optimization
Making technology work for you…. creative solutions to meet YOUR needs.

Mobile Office
Computer Company works with Mobil Broadband linking up to the office so no matter where they are: vacation ,car, home, they can work to meet customer needs

Time Savers
Copier technology enables one of our realty companies to scan to searchable PDF and email mortgage packages directly anywhere
in moments.

Increased Productivity
Revamping a software setup enabled one company to off load 4 hours of paper work for an administrator plus she says using the computer is so much faster now.

Building Goodwill
Customers of a broker were impressed by how up- to -date the broker was because they downloaded information to their PDA phone. This generated word of mouth referrals.

Employee accidentally caused computer mayhem but client who had Elm City Bullet Proof was back in business within minutes.

Customer Service
An insurance company has thousands of contacts and when on the road ,communication was a constant issue. Inputting all, their contacts manually was a Herculean task. Now, with an Elm City solution, they have all contacts on all cell phones enabling them to immediately respond and react.

Safety, Convenience and Reliability
Recruiter who relies heavily on computer technology asked for a fail safe back up. Elm City linked laptop and PC to create a duplicate office which backs up multiple times during a day. If one goes into “the shop” the other is ready and waiting. She also uses the laptop to wirelessly remote her computer anytime and anywhere.

Communication Coordination
Hedge Fund Advisor and his assistant needed access his calendar, contacts and email account from multiple sites with varying technology. Created an exchange account so every change, every response, every action on any PC, laptop or blackberry is instantaneously accessible.

A Customer Speaks:
 “Elm City Computing has really made a big difference in the way we use our computers.  Plus, by recommending the Palm Phone I now carry my business in my pocket.  By setting up my laptop at home up I can connect to the Internet wirelessly and I have remote access to my office PC.  Bottom line is what I have is a lot more useful”
- Greg owner of a Group Insurance Company

What will make your business work better, faster, more efficiently? What will make it easier for you to be productive? Many of our customers do not know that there is a technological solution to their problems, wishes and desires.

Contact us today, maybe we can meet or even exceed your expectations.

We make technology work for you…. creative solutions to meet YOUR needs.


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