How to's - Computing Rule Book

Computing has certainly changed over the past few years, but the rules to keeping your PC running smooth have not. Take these precautions to prevent Spyware, Hijacking, Viruses and SPAM and other troubles that can plague your comuter.

The Do’s...

1. Use a spyware utility. It runs in the background and helps to keep your PC free of spyware.

2. Buy or Download an Antivirus. If you're connected to the Internet you will get a virus and you will unknowingly be spreading it to others.

3. If you have a broadband connection run a software firewall.

4. Using Firefox as a web browser decreases the probability of “invasion”. I you like Explorer better, it doesn't hurt to have two browsers.

5. Defrag often.

6. Do run WPA (preferred) or WEP encryption on your router and wireless network. It's simple and will protect your information from snoops that can snatch it out of thin air.

7. Backup your data. There's no worse feeling in the world than losing everything. Use another hard disk--internal or external. You can even network PCs and transfer backups from one to the other. Consider getting the data off site just in case of fire, flood etc. Put the data on a disk and keep it elsewhere.

The Don'ts.

1. Careful opening Email attachments--even if they come from a known family member or friend's Email account. Viruses propagate by infecting a PC and Emailing themselves to everyone in the infected computer's address book. If this has happened to you consider a code word to use in the subject line of Emails. Your friends and family would know the keyword (maybe popcorn or sunlight) and will include this in the subject when attaching a file.

2. Often you do not have to give out your REAL email address when signing up for something online. This is to preevnt the address from falling into "enemy hands". You can create fake Email addresses for such purposes.


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